Sant Tukaram Cancer Hospital
Medical Research Centre

Contact Person: Mr. Girish Agrawal

Gaurakshan Road, Akola
Maharashtra India. 444004
Contact No.: +91 724 245 9222
Telefax: +91 724 245 9333
Email: info@cancerhospital.org.in, cancerhospital@rediffmail.com

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Akola has good connectivity with the rest of the state and the main modes of transportation are buses, trains and flights.

Akola By Air

The Akola airport is a domestic airport and it is currently expanding as new air stripes are being prepared. The nearest major airport is located at Nagpur and there are regular flights from most parts of the country to Nagpur. TheNagpur airport is located around 200 km from the city and one can hire a taxi from the airport to the city of Akola. Taxis charge around Rs 7 per km and this is the easiest option to reach the place.

Airports near Akola Type Arial Distance
Nanded Airport (NDC) Domestic 175 km
Chikkalthana Airport, Aurangabad (IXU) Domestic 201 km
Lohegaon Airport, Pune (PNQ) Domestic 417 km
Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad (HYD) International 418 km

Akola By Train

Akola railway station is an important station in the state and there are regular services from many cities. The station has good connectivity to places such as Bikaner, Jaipur, Pune, Indore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Ahmadabad, Chennai, Howrah and many other cities. Ticket prices are cheap. However, tickets have to be booked at least 2 months in advance as they are often booked out in advance.

Starting Station Train Arrival at Akola Service Days
Chennai (MAS)
Navajivan Exp
05:37 AM
(duration: 20h 2m)
All Days
Hyderabad (SC) Sc Bkn Exp
10:40 AM
(duration: 11h 25m)
Mumbai (CSTM)
13 more trains
Sewagram Exp.
01:00 AM
(duration: 10h)
All Days
Pune (PUNE)
3 more trains
Nagpur Garibrat
04:45 AM
(duration: 11h 5m)
Mon, Wed & Sat
Ahmedabad (ADI)
9 more trains
Adi Puri Exp
06:40 AM
(duration: 12h 40m)
Ajmer (AII) Aii Hyb Special
11:50 PM
(duration: 25h 5m)
Amravati (AMI) Surat Fast Pass
10:40 AM
(duration: 1h 40m)
Mon & Fri
Balharshah (BPQ)
4 more trains
Bpq Cstm Pas Ex
01:10 AM
(duration: 8h 10m)
All Days
Bhubaneswar (BBS)
2 more trains
>Bbs Ltt Special
03:47 AM
(duration: 20h 27m)
Bhusaval (BSL)
34 more trains
Gondwana Expres
07:30 AM
(duration: 1h 50m)
Tue & Sun
Bikaner (BKN) Bkn Sc Exp
08:10 PM
(duration: 29h 10m)
Bilaspur (BSP)
13 more trains
Bsp Pune Sup Ex
10:25 PM
(duration: 10h 55m)

Akola By Bus

State transport buses can be used to reach the place from Nagpur, Washim, Bhusaval, Akot and other nearby cities. These are frequent and can be boarded from the main terminus. Private buses are also available on the route of Washim, Nagpur, Pune, Shirdi etc.