Donate Freely

Dear sir,

    Our excellence entirely depends on excellent patient management under one roof. Latest instruments and equipments are essential in upgrading the existing set up. You are the only financial support in making our dreams come true as we are a non-profit organization without any financial aid from government, grants. Your support will enable us in installing latest equipments and instruments that will help and hasten up the diagnosis of cancer and the total cancer therapy for the poorest of the poor cancer patients. We will acknowledge your wishful thinking in expanding vital support services to wards provision of critical resources for latest management, prevention strategies and methods of early detection that reduce the occurrence and impact of cancer.

One of the benefactors for our institution is Mr. Harish Khetan, an industrialist from Akola, who has whole heartedly donate money for latest ulltrasonography unit with 2-D Echo and color Doppler, is a classical example of private philanthropy.

Harishbhai Khetan

How to Contribute:
Donation for the management of cancer patients can be made in following ways.

• Online: Donate on line by using our secure website Click on the Donate button of your choice from the below options.

• By mail:Please send us the donor's details like name, address and cheque to:

Sant Tukaram Cancer Hospital & Medical Research Center
Gaurakshan Road, Akola, Maharashtra, India 444004.

The cheque should be in favor of "Manav Seva Public Charitable Foundation"

• Call us: Contact our development Address staff by calling on +91 9422160487 and discuss.

Ways to Give:
Charitable contribution to this cancer hospital can be made in many ways….though outright cash, appreciated securities and requests, to donation in honor or in memory of a loved one or close friend.

The Annual Fund:
Sant Tukaram Cancer Hospital Annual Fund is a valuable source of unrestricted support that impact every aspect of the hospital, including research, patient care and surgeon, physician and scientist training and community out reach. We bank of this fund as we donate get any finances aid at governmental level and our patient management is on No profit- no loss basics. With donation to this fund, we are able to respond more rapidly to new ideas in the battle against cancer and to support an ear of greatest promise.

You may choose to designate your donation for a specific purpose such as

• Patient Care
• Cancer Research
• Education
• Cancer prevention Programmers

You may also choose to support the work of a particular physician, researcher or clinical specialty area. Write or contact to our development staff for the full range of available funding opportunities.

Tribute Donation:
Donation may also be made in the memory or in the honor of a loved one or friend, or to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other special occasions. Our hospital will inform the person you designate that a gift has been made in their honor or in the memory of their loved ones.

Matching Donation:
Many companies match donations made by their employees to non-profit organizations like ours. Of your employer has a matching donation program your gift to this cancer hospital would be doubled. Do contact us in this regard or discuss on our phone lines with the development staff.

Planned Donation:
Planned donation often receive special tax benefits and include donations through your estate, donations of principal that pay you income for life, and donation of retirement plan assets, real property or other complex assets, planned donation can be tailored to meet: your current and future needs and can provide you with tax savings and other benefits.

Bequests :
Giving by bequests costs nothing now, yet it may give you a great deal satisfaction to know that your future donation will live on. A donation through your will or trust is entirely free from federal estate taxes. Yu may make a bequest and retain the ability to change it at any time.