Saint Tukaram Maharaj

Saint Tukaram is revered as an epitome of the Bhagwat Sect, the saint that lived and preached philosophy to the masses through his Abhanga in simple, lucid and yet deeply meaningful language.

Born in 1608, the most revered Saint Tukaram was an enlightened, dauntless and rebellious poet. He carried the ancient religious traditional knowledge ie. Vedanta, which was the monopoly of the religious orthodox leaders till then, to the commoners through his Abhanga, ie. poetic quartets and ballads. His Abhanga gained such popularity that they come to be associated with the name of Saint Tukaram, Abhanga became an essential part of everyday life in rural India, popular even with illiterate people.

His Abhanga are full off devotion, knowledge and asceticism. He worships the ultimate Brahma i.e. a concept in Hindu Philosophy meaning unchanging reality, from the depth of his heart as a monist or Adwaitawadi. His deity was the dark idol of lord Vitthal Standing on bricks at the Pandharpur Temple. It is believed that even the lord Vithoba, standing on the bricks, came in person and enjoyed the devotional Abhanga of Tukoba being sung in such musical tunes. He strongly criticized casteism, explained Adhyatma or philosophy of Atma or soul and sang in devotion to lord Vitthal. We can see his poetic brilliance reach beyond country, gender or time. He professed to set aside all divisive tendencies and pride and promoted the principles of equality and unity.

Je ka ranjale ganjale / Tyasi mhane jo apule /
Tochi sadhu olkhawa / Dev tethechi janava /

β€˜β€˜He who loves the harassed and suffering poor people as his own kin, Revere that person as God /’’

Based on this ideology came up the Sant Tukaram Cancer Hospital & Medical Research Centre at Akola.